Need help with your Creative Audio?

Let Manipulated Acoustics help inspire you through sound design.

Why we do it

Reason one

We simply love sound, love capturing the vibration of molecules which inhabit a space or medium. We want to make sure that whatever the context be it in a film, in a public square, for your on-hold service, or the bleep your widget makes, that it sounds as could as it should.

Reason two

We love to seek out and capture unique and interesting (and never thought of!) sounds, bringing them back to our sound labs and manipulating them into wonderful creations. We love to investigate the acoustic DNA of places, spaces and objects and utilise these in our unique series of products and design applications.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

We are so overcome by the wonders of sound, we just wouldn’t know what else to do!

Our Products

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Our Work

Our work has featured in films, TV, computer games, corporate marketing, mobile apps, songs, composition, research projects….basically anywhere that sound might be used!

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What our customers say

“Neil designed the sound and music for Mole Miner for Android. Working a loose brief he delivered on-time with great results. Highly recommended.Kenton P.

CEO, Little Fluffy Toys

“We have worked with Robert on several occasions. He is an extremely talented, professional and personable young man. We highly recommend him and will be working with him on forthcoming projects.” Ramin Arbabi

CEO, Winning Ways Media

“Neil is a superlative sound creator – from subtle effects to fully integrated soundscape scores that linger. He is fundamentally a creative partner that makes sound an integral part of any work. Neil’s work on a number of film projects with my team has been exceptional. He translates story ideas and mood suggestions into sound with an intuitive insight and talent. He is very easy-going, patient, and can work well even when we placed him under notable time pressures on many occasions!” Jonathan S.

Director, Diffusion Films

Manchester, UK